Representatives from recent and ancient Earth

I’m not really doing first dates anymore, but if you are trying to sweep a girl like me off her feet, you’ll do well to take her to your nearest excellent natural history museum. The CU Boulder Museum of Natural History qualifies. A few weeks ago, NEON crew got a behind-the-scenes look at loads of amaaaaazing preserved creatures in the collections there. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to tag along with a camera and an audio recorder and throw together a slideshow about the experience for the NEON blog. I’ve seen some creepy giant blind worms in jars as well as some humble but beautiful birds that became extinct almost 100 years ago. And I know way more about preserving rodents than I ever thought I would. Enough talk; time to look and listen. Some audio and photo highlights from the tour:

Latin for “testicles”

From a NYTimes interview with Katie Couric, “Katie Couric Has a Few Regrets“:

At your first job at CNN, the head of the network, Reese Schonfeld, famously said you just didn’t possess the gravitas to be in TV news.
Which I think is Latin for “testicles” by the way. But to give this some perspective: I was 23 years old.

For the 15 years you co-hosted “Today,” no one seemed capable of writing about you without using one particular descriptor. Tell me about your current relationship with the word “perky.”
It used to bother me because I thought there was a sexist undertone to that word. It meant shallow and cute, but not somebody who had any depth. It did become a pejorative word, but listen, it’s better than “bitchy.”

-Andrew Goldman