Yet another blog post about talking about climate

But this one leads to a chain of interesting pieces by some of my favorite authors about how to make a tired, important topic interesting again.

Bob Krulwich writes:

Global warming is important, yes; controversial, certainly; complicated (OK by me); but somehow, even broaching this subject makes me feel like someone’s put heavy stones in my head. Why is that?

He attempts to answer his question by citing someone else’s answer (Ursula Goodenough’s). But her answer is actually a non-answer that hints at an answer by citing Jonathan Franzen’s recent NYT op-ed about his journey away from, and back to, environmentalism.

You can start with Bob and work backward,

go straight to Dr. Goodenough’s survey of climate change skeptics,

or wade into Jonathan Franzen’s philosophical narrative on Crackberries, birds and love.

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