51 vegetarian and vegan foods to eat before you die

The dregs from last year's garden, now a part of me. Photo by Sandra Chung
The dregs from last year's garden, now a part of me. Photo by Sandra Chung

I am neither vegan nor vegetarian. But I’m impressed and enchanted with the ingenuity and creativity of chefs who make truly wonderful meatless creations that aren’t pretending to be meat. I owe a deep debt to many of my friends who introduced me to various wonderful recipes over the years.

Most of those items are links to recipes, because very few restaurants serve food like this, and you usually have to make it yourself to enjoy it. Recipes that are vegan or easily made so by minor omission or substitution are bold. I’m sure you could find ways to make all of them vegan …

1. Grilled coconut kale
2. best chocolate cake ever
3. vegan mayonnaise or Vegenaise
4. raw blueberry mini-pies

5. beets with spiced quinoa and yogurt
6. zucchini cakes
7. scallion pancakes
8. oven-roasted parsnips
9. fried oatmeal
10. baba ghanoush
11. 5 bean and kale soup

12. spicy zucchini soup
13. fruit salad with papaya + pineapple + watermelon
14. che ba mau

15. green corn tamales
16. bruschetta
17. caprese with tomatoes and basil from your garden or a friend’s
18. ginger cucumber salad
19. raw zucchini salad

20. sweet potato enchiladas with cilantro avocado cream sauce
21. General Tao’s tofu
22. silken tofu chocolate mousse
23. sliced banana with lemon and sugar
24. tahini lemon cookies
25. seaweed salad
26. bean sprout salad

27. bean sprout soup
28. vegan French onion soup
29. cold cucumber soup
30. white gazpacho
31. vanilla soymilk + orange juice
32. chickpea tacos
33. black bean sweet potato stew with poblano chilies
34. kale chips
35. cowboy caviar

36. saag paneer
37. breaded deep-fried okra
38. simple mango salsa: mangos + cilantro + red onion, eat with salty tortilla chips

39. chile rellenos
40. vegetarian Southern-style collards
41. coconut milk horchata
42. oven roasted brussels sprouts

43. grilled garlic artichokes
44. jicama slaw
45. gyoza
46. braised celery

47. kaddo bourani
48. fried sage leaves
49. lemon squash risotto
50. broccoli stem pickles
51. potato pizza with rosemary: your favorite olive oil pizza dough, covered with thinly sliced potatoes, fresh rosemary, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil or garlic oil. Parmesan cheese and peas are optional.
51. Tempeh sloppy joes

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