We are the seeders of collaboration clouds

This is a ScienceOnline-inspired ditty, written with the other sciosatellite leaders and Bora, Karyn and Anton in mind:

We nudge the primordial specks of the universe,
Atoms upon atoms
Closer, closer
Till gravity seizes them, draws them into intimate quarters,
And together, they birth bright stars and galaxies.

We fine-tune the sequence of amino acids and the acidity and hyrophilicity of their environment
Till the first protein self-assembles, a thing of great beauty and complexity.

We share the code.

Open-source life evolves and grows far beyond even what we imagined,
Staring at atoms and molecules
Dreaming of great things they might do together.

We induce microbes to express a glue that binds them together,
To form hardy biofilms where they help each other thrive.

We tinker, hypothesize, develop models for conditions that cause
Different species to assemble and thrive and endure together in a
Grand ecosystem.

We are the seeders of collaboration clouds.
We are the engineers and the ecologists
Of community.

1 thought on “We are the seeders of collaboration clouds”

  1. I like this. And what I like about our ScienceOnline community is that the ‘we’ in ‘we share the code’ (and throughout your poem) is reflective of not just the organizers but all others who participate and add their energy to the mix. Thanks for your creativity!

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