WordPress to Drupal 6. Magic! Test post. Now messing with title.


UPDATE 2: Successful test! Manual import showed only one “updated” node, the one corresponding to this blog post. Content did indeed update to match first update. The other 9 TEST Top Stories were “new”. All 10 retained original “Authored on” date. Next test is to change the title of the post from “WordPress to Drupal 6. Magic! Test post.”It shouldn’t create a duplicate as I have set the GUID to be the guid!

UPDATE: Realized that Content > Feeds and Site building > Feed importers correspond to different modules. At this point, duplicates are resulting from the FeedAPI module (Content > Feeds) and the Feeds module (Feed importers) operating simultaneously. Now testing how the “replace existing node” setting in Feeds works. See if this update shows up in TEST Top Story on manual import!

This post should show up as a post of content type TEST Top Story on the dev version of my company’s Drupal 6 site that I’m working with a web support team to troubleshoot. I duplicated the feed importer configuration on the site and set it up to ingest content from my blog and convert each post into a node of type TEST Top Story. I also added a custom image node to my feed like the one that I added to my company’s WordPress blog.

Please note that I changed the parser to look for a GUID to populate the GUID field instead of simply duplicating the link. I’m hoping this will address the content duplication problem we’ve been having.

Content in the existing Top Stories feed and sorts by Authored on date – which corresponds to the day and time of content import. This should not change because we don’t want blog posts suddenly jumping to the top of Top Stories when we update them.

You should be able to manually import content into the TEST Top Story content type by going to Content list > (filter to TEST blog feed type) > TEST blog feed feed and choosing the “Import” tab.

I’ll add a random featured image here for fun.


Don’t worry, I will delete when test is done.

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