I’m a science communicator specializing in social media strategy and multimedia production. My current focus is the use of social media and other online tools to build collaborative communities within environmental and ecological science. I’m also experimenting with interactive online data visualization and expanding my web development and photography skills at every chance I get.

I love my job, but no matter what I happen to be doing, I’d rather be making podcasts and studying data science. In general, I’m ravenously curious about why people do science, what they want to know, and how they find the answers.

My favorite thing in the world is a good story, told elegantly and concisely. I also love good food, clever design, swing and tango dancing, crisp audio editing, robots, and getting kids into science.

I’m currently struggling with the trade-off between the financial security of a regular job and the need for more time to do the freelance work that really gets my heart going. Another crucial balance point in my life is between a love of the outdoors and a constant need for a laptop and Internet access.

If you’re interested in my professional record, I’m on LinkedIn.

By the way, this is my personal blog. None of it represents the positions, policies or strategies of any of the organizations I work for or have worked for. Most likely it will be neglected when I get too busy at my ‘real’ job.

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