A selection.

Field trip! On learning from the specimen preservation experts, a blog post and slideshow from a visit to the CU Museum of Natural History. For the National Ecological Observatory Network

A Primer on NEON Sampling Design, a news feature with animation to help explain the exceptionally mathematical way NEON chose locations for its observatory sites. For the National Ecological Observatory Network

Water Safety, a short news piece on rural water purification in Mexico. For California magazine.

Fleet of INL-designed Mars hoppers could swiftly explore other worlds, about a design for a robot that could traverse the Red Planet in nuclear-powered leaps (“like fleas on a hound dog”). For Idaho National Laboratory.

Bacteria power turns waste into plastic, a research feature about sustainable plastics. For Idaho National Laboratory.

Q&A with James Rodger Fleming, climate science historian and geoengineering critic. For UCSC’s SciCom program.

Mercury Rising, a mag-style feature on historic mercury threatening to throw a wrench into a huge wetland restoration in San Francisco Bay. For SciCom. With podcast.

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